Big Video Machine Review – Turn All Those Boring Text Articles Into Fresh, Hot, Traffic Pulling “This Won’t Get You Google-Slapped” Super-Charged Video Content… And Create Awesome Traffic Driving Affiliate Review Videos In Minutes…

By | April 29, 2017

Big Video Machine Review – Turn All Those Boring Text Articles Into Fresh, Hot, Traffic Pulling “This Won’t Get You Google-Slapped” Super-Charged Video Content… And Create Awesome Traffic Driving Affiliate Review Videos In Minutes…

Big Video Machine is an AMAZING product by Barry Rodgers. Video creation is a process that takes time to complete. This is especially true if you are looking to come up with a high quality video designed to engage an audience. Thankfully, there are various tools that can make your life a lot easier in this regard. Big Video Machine is a desktop software for Windows. What it does is that it can create simple videos for you out of plain text. While this idea is not new, it is the quickest way to come up with a very basic video that you can immediately upload online as videos or ads or sell as a video course. It also features a very easy-to-use interface, allowing you to break up documents into several sections and translate them to videos, which you can overlay with one of the premade audio tracks included in the package.

Big Video Machine

Detailed Product Of Big Video Machine:

• Product: Big Video Machine
• Vendor: Barry Rodgers
• Rating : 4.5stars - Fiverr Income Secrets - Big Video Machine


Big Video Machine

If you are anything like me, a look through the less visited places of my hard drive turns up a whole load of written content…stuff of my own, stuff that I bought PLR to or got as a bonus in the past… Just sitting there!

  • What if you could grab those articles, reports and ebooks and make them into a new video products in minutes?
  • Without having to get your head around very expensive and complicated software?
  • You would be able to produce brand new product, drive traffic from You Tube with what has suddenly become unique content again!
  • You don’t have to get on camera, you don’t have to climb a massive learning curve.
    It is simple, simple, simple!
  • Once you have your videos, you can put them on You Tube and rank them for your keywords to get a whole load of targeted free traffic.

But that’s not all, In just seconds you could make…

  • Traffic generating videos without being on camera
  • Video trainings from PLR ebooks
  • Amazon review videos using images of the products
  • Clickbank review videos using articles provided by vendors
  • Make PLR video packs and sell them as “Done For You” products

If you want to turn all of your written content into new video content in just a few clicks, grab this software now at a big discount during the launch campaign.

This is an opportunity to grab something that you will use again and again (rather than some crappy cheap WSO training).

Here’s just a few ideas for ways to use and profit from

These videos don’t have Hollywood production values but they don’t need to!

The idea is to rank videos that have links to your sites and offers.  Links that take people to pages that earn you money (or to affiliate product links).

But that’s not the only use for The Big Video Machine!

Barry Rodgers & Val Wilson createt niche packs for affiliate marketers. They recently had great results with packs in the dog training, stock trading and weight loss niches.

This packs now always feature videos made with this software. It’s incredibly simple to use, and I can make really great looking videos in just a few clicks.

But he is not the only one who use it for that reason:

Jerome Johnson of does a lot of work in the
self help niche. He has recently been using this software to create affirmation
videos for clients and to offer for sale in PLR packs.

Packs of PLR or resale videos sell far better than traditional written content and
with The Big Video Machine, to you – they are one in the same!

To make this even more of a no-brainer decision for you the product creators also including the following resource packs to anyone who picks this up right away.

How Does Big Video Machine Work?


  • Got written PLR that you can’t pass on rights with? Turn it into video PLR in seconds and you have a unique product that you can do whatever you like with.
  • Turn old e-courses and email sequences into video training courses!
  • Create Affirmation Videos to sell with or without resell rights – the choice is yours!
  • Create affiliate review videos to rank on Tube sites.
  • Repurpose content, repurpose stuff you have private label rights to, turn written reviews with resell rights into video reviews.
  • Use in conjunction with iCurator Pro to create rebrandable desktop membership sites that people love to buy.

Big Video Machine

Big Video Machine Review

Big Video Machine Review

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Will this run on a Mac?

A: This is software for Windows. It should run on a Mac using a virtual machine or similar system (VM Ware, Parallels, Crossover, etc.) But please be aware we cannot give technical support to Mac users.

Q: Can I install this on more than one computer?

A: You are licensed to install it on up to three computers that you own. This should cover needing it at home, work and on a laptop. You should not have it running simultaneously on those systems. If you want to be able to use it at the same time as a virtual assistant for example, you should purchase a second license.

Q: Do I get free updates?

A: Yes you get all updates for the first 12 months. You also get any other minor updates outside this 12 month period at our discretion. Complete new version releases after 12 months are offered to existing customers at a special rate.

Q: How long does delivery take after I purchase?

A: Our delivery system is automatic and instant. Therefore you should get your access details emailed to you within a few minutes of purchase.

Q: What if I need support?

A: In the event you need assistance simply open a ticket. We are UK based and reply to support Mon – Fri 9:30am – 4:30pm. We do check for urgent support issues (such as delivery issues) outside of these hours wherever possible.

Big Video Machine

Big Video Machine is very very professional product and best choice for you. With Big Video Machine you Just copy some content from an Amazon product listing and some review comments and paste it into the software and Bingo! You have a compelling video to add onto your review site and YouTube. 30 day 100% money back GUARANTEE. Grab Big Video Machine Now!

Big Video Machine

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