VidBuilderFX Review – Brand New Software Cranks Out VIRAL MONEY MAKING TRAFFIC GETTING VIDEOS in Under 15 Seconds

By | May 15, 2017

VidBuilderFX Review – Brand New Software Cranks Out VIRAL MONEY MAKING TRAFFIC GETTING VIDEOS in Under 15 Seconds

VidBuilderFX is an AMAZING product by Abhi Dwivedi. Creating videos is not a joke, even for professionals. There will need for a lot of editing to be done, on top of the creation of graphics that you can use to embellish your video. Now what if you can easily do this yourself, through a quick and easy video editor and proven templates that you will only need to edit? That certainly is possible, and one of the tools that can possibly get this done is VidBuilderFX, the latest product from Internet marketer Abhi Dwivedi and his team.

This new video creation tool is an Adobe Air-based software. It can help you create videos by patching together popular clips from Facebook and YouTube, allowing you to edit them, and then automatically publish your videos to your Facebook fan pages or groups. You only need to put in a keyword and the software will do the rest. By automating the entire video creation and social media posting process, the software saves you a lot of time and let you quickly dominate the niches of your choosing.

In VidBuilderFX, you enter a keyword and the app find trending video clips around that keyword from Facebook and YouTube that are free to use, curates them together, adds your text, filters, voice over, text-to-speech,intro-outro slides and more and then automatically publishes them to your Fanpages, profiles or groups easily. Or you can simply export the videos to your computer to use them later. VidBuilderFX is an amazing software, it focuses on solving one problem with one powerful solution and something that will help you start putting more native videos on Facebook for your fans and for your marketing as well.

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VidBuilderFX Review

Detailed Product Of VidBuilderFX:

• Product: VidBuilderFX
• Launch Date: 2017 – 05 – 15 At 11:00 EDT
• Vendor: Abhi Dwivedi
• Rating : 4.5stars - Fiverr Income Secrets - VidBuilderFX


Why Should You Use It ?

VidBuilderFX essentially automates the entire process of create trending and viral videos and then publishing them on Facebook. Facebook is aggressively getting into videos in 2017 and has recently started running ads in-between the videos that you publish, just like YouTube does. They are going to be sharing the revenue with publishers, just like YouTube videos.

Now is the best time to start getting on Facebook, start publishing videos to dominate your niches. Not only that, videos are the most consumed content on Facebook right now, so if you’re trying to build an audience, sell something, build a list or simple get traffic, publishing videos on Facebook is the easier and sure-shot method of doing that…

Here’s The Powerful Features Of VidBuilderFX

  • Adobe Air Desktop Software. Works on Mac & PC both
  • Add Watermark, filters, add text, voice over, background music & more
  • Automatically create viral videos
  • Add Intro & Outro Slides with image or video intro/outro
  • Publish videos on Fanpages, Profiles & Groups
  • Text-to-Speech: Turn your text into video narration
  • Export videos & save on your computer
  • Create a stream of Viral videos for your fans & for your marketing
  • Create 1 video or bulk create 100s of videos
  • Super easy to use, newbie friendly
  • Schedule to publish videos as different date & time
  • Based on a proven technology
  • Full editable videos. Single & bulk editing

VidBuilderFX’s Key Features:


  • Create Videos From a Single Keyword
    Just drop a keyword you want to get traffic for, and VidBuilderFX wll automatically create a video-clip compilation type video based around that keyword, it will automatically find popular and trending video clips from the web and curate them into your video!
  • Automatically Create 100s of Videos with 1-Click
    Choose 1 or 100 videos to create, at the push of button. VidBuilderFX can create 100s of videos based about the same keyword…all unique and different in their own way, ready to help you mass publish tons of videos and dominate your niches on Facebook, Youtube or Google!
  • Add Transitions, Image Filters and effects
    Make your videos compelling and more engaging by applying in-built effects and transitions that can be applied seamlessly.
  • Add Intro & Outro Slides
    Put your branding to work in every video by setting up custom intros and outros for every video you create. Gets you that high-end production glitz that you see in big-budget videos.
  • Fully Customize the Videos
    Add Intro & Outro Slides, Transitions, Image Filters and effects and truly make your videos grab people by the eyeballs!
  • Add Your own music, Use Text-to-Speech or choose from their library of music
    Easily choose background music from their library or use their Text-To-Speech technology to create voice-over from your scripts to give your videos the professional shine they deserve, and keep people engaged from start to finish!
  • Automatically Upload to Facebook Pages, Groups or Profile
    No need to download and store huge videos on your PC, and manually upload them later. Now you can upload straight to your Facebook Pages, Groups or Profile right from your dashboard!

Fully automatic, 100% Control

No need to download and store huge videos on your PC, and manually upload them later. Now you can upload straight to your Facebook Pages, Groups or Profile right from your dashboard!

Creating Viral Videos & Getting Tons Of FREE Traffic Is Now Finally Within Your Reach!

  • No more spending days or even weeks designing, storyboarding, shooting, animating, editing, encoding a video, and nobody even watches it!
  • No more expensive tools like photoshop, animators. after effects, Movie Studio, encoders, etc.
  • No more guesswork create viral videos from proven video content that people already love to watch!


How Does VidBuilderFX Work?

  • Step 1: Enter a keyword

    VidBuilderFX Review

    VidBuilderFX will automatically scan the web for the mosc trending and popular publically available video clips around your keywords and curate them to create a video for you, all automatically within few seconds.

  • Step 2: Choose whether to create a single video or multiple videos all at once, then hit GO…

    VidBuilderFX Review

    …and boom, ViciBuilderFX automatically finds high quality, trending and popular video clips from across the web (or you can import your own clips as well) and create the videos for you.

  • Step 3: Customize the Video & Publish

    VidBuilderFX Review

    Lazily add your text on each video clip, add an into-outro slide, add background music, use text-to-Speech to add voice-over and more. And then instantly publish the video on your Facebook Fanpapes or Groups or Profile. You can even save the video on your computer to publish it elsewhere.

With VidBuildet-FX you can Create Multiple Income Stream In Seconds From Now!

  • Your viral video can also…
  • Drive free traffic to CPA offers and affiliate review websites
  • Ramp up your shopify ecommerce store sales…
  • Send tons of traffic to your *NM page and rapidly build your list
  • Create a constant stream of local leads for clients — and put fat pay-checks in your pocket every single week!

Instantly Post To Facebook To KICK START YOUR VIDEO VIEWS And Go Viral Fast…

Right now, posting your video to Facebook is one of the fastest ways to make it go viral fast.

There’s more engagement V on Facebook – videos stand out t like a sore thumb on Facebook. and get tons more engagement as a result.

There’s less competition on Facebook – most people are still posting articles and blog posts or boring how to videos — which means you can totally clean up with Just 1 viral video!

Facebook is made for viral videos – [moody otsits Facebook to read boring ‘how to’ boos posts -they want to watch viral videos and share them with Menai

Facebook videos get 8 billion views per day – now is the perfect time to get your videos on Facebook and start cashing In. before the rest Ocheworld catches on.

And best of all… when Facebook roll out their ad revenue sharing program, they’ll start paying you directly for every viral video you create!

No need to create products or sell services… just sit back and collect paychecks direct from Facebook.

You can even add your own text-to-speech audio narration!

Want to customize your viral video? Now you can, with advanced text to speech technology that quickly adds a narration to your video, making it truly unique.

Just enter your text, and let VidBuilderFX automatically narrate a voiceover for your video!

Download your video and upload anywhere online Want to share your video somewhere outside of Facebook? Now you can! Just tap to download your viral video ready to upload wherever you want.

Upload to Facebook pages, groups or profiles

It takes just seconds to get your video onto Facebook —whether it’s on a Facebook Page, in a Group or on your own Profile — uploading your viral video to Facebook is dead simple.

Upload with a single click, straight from the VidBuilderFX dashboard.

Download your video and upload anywhere online

Want to share your video somewhere outside of Facebook? Now you can! Just tap to download your viral video ready to upload wherever you want.

VidBuilderFX Review


VidBuilderFX is very very professional product and best choice for you. VidBuilderFX is an adobe air based desktop software that creates curated videos by putting together trending video clipsfrom Facebook & YouTube, editing them and then publishesthem natively on your Facebook FanPage, profile or Group automatically. 30 day 100% money back GUARANTEE. Grab VidBuilderFX Now!


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